Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mashed Potato and Turkey Croquettes

Mashed Potato and Turkey Croquettes
This is the last of our Thanksgiving mashed potatoes.  We still have loads of turkey left over (mostly frozen at this point) so I used the meat from a turkey leg.  I'm not a big fan of dark meat unless it's hidden in a dish.  This was another dish where I sort of made it up as I went after checking the Internet for similar recipes. 

Bread crumbs, turkey leg, eggs and maybe 2 cups of mashed potatoes
mix mashed potatoes, an egg, and some left over turkey
prepare your station with mixture, egg and a splash of milk, bread crumbs, and tray
I used a muffin/cookie dough scoop to measure out even portions of potato mixture
Shape each portion into a log, dip in egg, roll in crumbs
Chillin' in the fridge for a few hours
Two cups of mashed potatoes and meat from a leg made 10 croquettes.
heating canola oil in a cast iron pan

Heat enough oil in a large pot so that the oil will come up half way up one of the croquettes.  When the oil is heated over medium-high heat, fry a few croquettes at a time, about 90 seconds on each side.  Lay finished croquettes on paper towels and keep warm in a 200F oven until all are fried.
test fry
Over medium-high heat and 2 minutes fry time, the outside was too brown and the center a bit cool
Reduced the heat a smidge and went for 3 minutes total frying time
I served this with left over sweet potatoes, kale chips, and green apple slices.

Following in my Dad's example, I prep/slice fruit for the family at the table after most are finished with their meal

The family verdict was positive, make these again next time we have left over mashed potatoes.  Score!

My plate - 2 croquettes, mashed sweet potatoes and kale
A spicy sauce or some gravy would have been nice but I ran out of steam and gravy. I gave mine a swig of hot sauce, the old standby.


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