Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Party

Bag ready for school, filled with baggies of popcorn
Why can't we call it was it is, a Halloween Party!  Not a Fall Harvest Party.  It's about the candy and the party.  (warning - mini blog rant in progress)

Both my boys had class parties this week.  We usually bring popcorn - the organic kind that we buy from either Eden Foods or Whole Foods and pop in an air popper.  Add a bit of Pam and popcorn seasoning.  Makes for a great snack.

The yellow and white bag in the photo above is deceiving.  This bag is huge!  An LLBean goodie.  We refer to it as the Team Bag!  It's what we haul stuff in to and from school events - kid going to college, check.  Snacks for 50 swimmers at a synchronized swimming event, check.  Snacks for 25 third graders, check.  Snacks for 25 fifth graders, check.

Tomorrow it's in service again...for a pagan holiday that centers around food.  Tree worshippers anyone?


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