Thursday, October 28, 2010

Breakfast for Dinner So It Must Be Thursday

Over-easy double yoke eggs with grilled cheese on whole wheat bread
Start by buttering the outside bread for the grilled cheese sandwich, both top and bottom.

Place sandwiches in a heated pan.  I sprayed a  non-stick pan with Pam, in addition to the butter, just in case.  Fry bread until both sides are golden brown and cheese appears to be melted.  Plate sandwich.

We buy our eggs from a part-time farmer in Bridgewater, Michigan for $2 per dozen.  And these babies are huge!  The recycled carton says an average large egg weighs 50 grams.  The eggs that we buy weighed about 60 grams and the ginormous egg weighed 98 grams, almost twice that of a standard super market egg.  The lid from the grocery cartoon couldn't close around the huge egg.

After the sandwiches are finished, wipe frying pan clean and add a bit more "grease" for the eggs.  I used olive oil.  The really large egg was a double!

Cook eggs until desired doneness and place on top of grilled cheese sandwich.  I also served a green salad and dates.  Delicious!


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