Thursday, October 14, 2010

End of Week 2 Weigh In - Day 15 of a new start

Wow - sometimes things do work out. 

Starting Weight = 139
End of Week 1 = 137.5 (-1.5)
End of Week 2 = 135 (-1.5-2.5=4)

Goal by December 30th is to reach  a weight of 120 pounds for a total loss of 19 pounds.  Four down, 15 to go.

In 2 weeks I've lost 4 pounds by limiting carbs and eating more lean protein, especially salmon (mostly canned) and eggs.  I don't feel physical hunger, it's the psychological hunger that needs to be over come. 

According to my tables and charts, I'm on track.  I would like to show results on the blog using charts and graphs but I haven't been able to figure that out just yet, any suggestions?

For a real South Beach Diet experience, a person does two weeks of hardcore, limited carbs - no fruit, no high carb veggies, no alcohol, no chocolate, no processed meats, and in the early days of SBD, there was a moratorium on coffee.  Starting the third week, healthy carbs like sweet potatoes are reintroduced into the diet. 

I haven't totally followed the first 2 weeks of restriction - there was some carrots, a bit of potato, coffee, wine, and chocolate...but not as if I inhaled a box of donuts or ate a bucket of fried chicken.  The few indiscretions were modest. The first time I tried SBD, a few years ago, I did follow the 2 week program to the letter, lost about 7 pounds but was feeling totally miserable - no diet/healthy lifestyle is worth giving up coffe, wine and chocolate.  I was tired AND cranky.  Now it's possible that I have a coffee addiction but that's another post!  I dug deep into the reason why SBD limited coffe duringn the Phase 1 period and it was pychological than limiting carbhohdrates.  The theory was that drinking coffee encourage sugar consumption, and it was limited in Phase 1 to not trigger another need for sugar. 

Coffee doesn't equate to sugar for me. I don't drink coffe and then go hunt down a donut.  My coffee is inhaled straight-up.  No creamer, no sugar, no nothing.  So I justify drinking coffee all day long.  And South Beach no longer restricts the consumption of coffee either.  Turns out people just rebelled - no coffee, NO DIET!  The caffeine withdawl headaches weren't worth the trouble for most people to stick to the program.

With all that blathering (leading no where), I'm thinking I might coast with this a little longer, instead of introducing more carby veggies and fruit, and see what happens.  There haven't been many instances of feeling deprived, there must be just enough carbs in the mix to feel sated. 

Breakfast of champions - 1/4 cup hummus (150), can of salmon (200), few tortilla chips (100)
Lunch - 8 oz white chicken chili (140), chocolate nugget (50), v-8 (30)
Snack Buddy - carrots (50)
Dinner - Breakfast Night...2 egss, 1/4 cup hummus, salad greens (150, 150, 50 = 350)

For a daily total calorie count of 1200, or so. 

The kids and spouse enjoyed some Whole Food fig newtons and whole grain bread with dinner.

Kroger's fresh multi-grain bread
Whole Foods organic fig cookies

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