Thursday, October 7, 2010

End of Week 1 South Beach Diet - Weigh In Results (Day 8)

SCORE!!! lost 1.5 pounds. 

I've just spent a few minutes trying to get a spread sheet or powerpoint to show my progress but technology is eluding me right now.

During this past week, I wasn't particularly hungry, it was more of a conscious decision to not snack while preparing dinner - a good scolding and reminder is useful every now and then.  The week's meals included a few things that weren't on the Phase 1 list but definately on phase II so that worked out OK.  I'm not stressing about foods like carrots, coffee, or yogart being on the phase 1 list.

Breakfast - eggs (250)
Lunch - mixed nuts (260), V-8 juice (30), yogart (80)
Snack buddy - almond butter and celery (250)
Dinner - eggs (70), salad greens (50), refried beans (100), wine (100)

for a daily total of 1300 calories.

On to next week.


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