Friday, October 8, 2010

Biking in Amsterdam

Photos and links by Brian while on vacation in Amsterdam 2006
A while back I stumbled across a neat webpage/link from an individual named Brian, who took a series of photos in Amsterdam, while sitting near a busy intersection.  Brian is from San Francisco California and was noting the difference between what he saw in Amsterdam versus his hometown.  He notes that anyone is welcome to use the photos and share the information.  Brian is one of the foundars of Backblaze.  Thanks Brian!

I copied the quotation below from his post: and it contains the rest of the story and photos.

Location the Pictures were Taken in Amsterdam:

In all the pictures below, you will see the same background over and over again, because all the pictures are from the same corner of Nieuw Markt (a nice open square in Amsterdam).  This is marked with a red "B" in a circle on Amsterdam_Map. This particular 3-way corner is INCREDIBLY busy with bicycles, cars, and pedestrians, and the traffic pattern is completely random.  There don't seem to be any clearly defined rules of engagement -> from all directions bicycles and cars just whiz into the intersection and deal with whatever happens the best they can.  The panorama below shows the intersection from the perspective of the cafe right in front of it.  You will need to use your horizontal scrollbar to pan to the right to see most of the intersection.

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