Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 9 - South Beach Diet

The milk chocolate with toffee and almonds are my favorite! The little snack store at the office sells them individually for $0.25 a piece.  Which makes having one piece, once in a while, not such a huge temptation as it would be if I had a whole bag in my desk.  Food calls to me.

As I"m typing this, I"m wondering if referring to each day as a South Beach Diet day is really helping me.  This shouldn't be a "diet" but a way of living.  Diet to me means "temporary" and as I've learned (over and over again), a diet should not be temporary.  Once I get off a diet, the weight creeps back up.  Vigilant is NOT my middle name.  Any thoughts about the new title of my daily entry as I approach a better weight and mindset?

Maybe I could call it A New Day, or A Better Day, or Healthy Day, or Looking Our for Me Day! or maybe just I'm Going to Eat Better and Not Gain Weight Anymore Day.

Breakfast - small can of salmon(200), one little Hershey chocolate (50)
Lunch - salad with chicken and balsamic dressing (300), V-8 (30)
Snack Buddy - peanut butter (200)
Dinner -salad greens with a spicy baked chicken wing, water, and  few bites of pizza (350?)

Having serious protein for breakfast is a great way for me to stave off hunger and snacking - eggs, salmon, what have you, it all works.  The down side to salmon is cat breath.  And you don't want to breathe on your boss first thing after breakfast without first brushing, rinsing and flossing!  (I eat breakfast at my desk at the office)

Dinner will be a challenge as it's pizza night and the end of another work week.  To me, Friday night has a celebratory feel to it which makes eating food so much more fun and inviting - after all, I worked all week, why shouldn't I have a few slices of pizza!  As it turns out, I had my dinner and then gave one of my boys a glare that says "give me a bit of your pizza or else!"  They know the drill - give Mom and bite she's looking desperate.


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