Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 3 -SBD

Day 3 of the South Beach Diet.
Red pepper humus using the Vitamix

Salad greens, canned salmon, red pepper humus
I'm not anticipating going anywhere today so no complications.  Yesterday was not stellar but I reigned in my usual tendencies and think that the day turned out OK even though I had a friend wonton and a bit of white rice.

Meals and snacks for about 1200 calories

Breakfast - 2 over easy eggs (150)
Lunch - left over eggplant from yesterday and black bean soup (400?)
Snack - celery and almond butter (200)
Dinner - salad, hummus, canned salmon (50, 200, 200)

For whatever reason, I can eat the heck out of eggs and still not have any cholesterol in my blood work worth talking about.  Genetically, I don't seem to be disposed to cholesterol problems, which is good because I like eggs.  Eggs fill me up and doesn't leave me wanting more food like oatmeal does.  I can eat a big bowl of oats and still want more.  Which I suppose supports the theory of the South Beach Diet that carb foods stimulates the appetitie. 

We get our eggs from a local person in Bridgewater Michigan who has about 200 chickens running around a barn.  I pay $2 per dozen - a great value all the way around.

I will do some Power Yoga using a DVD by Brian Kest with Jake later in the morning.


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