Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 14 - last day of second week

The good thing about blogging about weight issues or paying for a diet program is the accountability.  Up until the last time I went to Weight Watchers, the idea of paying and not losing weight was abhorrent - by god I was paying for this so it had better work (and I better do what I'm told).  As I approach weigh-in day, I find myself sticking more closely to the program, not sneaking in extra carbs.  After all, who wants to fail in front of the Internet!

I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a reminder of my stupidity but I've lost and gained weight so many times but still consider the Weight Watcher's program a success.  The first time I went was after my first kid was born and I had packed on some serious pregnancy pounds that weren't going anywhere, 6 months after giving birth.  A year later I was at goal. Yes!

Then this cycle repeats itself - get pregnant, gain a hugely ridiculous amount of weight, slink back to Weight Watchers, loose the weight, get pregnant - I have 4 kids, you get the picture.  Up and down.

About this time last year, I had slimmed down to a pleasing figure on my own, but somewhere along the way, weight slowly started creeping back up and I can't blame the kids.  Bad choices, mindless eating, the usual excuses.  I would have a stern conversation with myself, remind myself I've only gained a few pounds but I never lost any weight, just gained a few more pounds until I woke up two weeks ago and realized I had gained a bit more than a few pounds and 19 extra pounds isn't that attractive.

The one time Weight Watcher's failed for me was a few months ago when the office sponsored a 12 weeks session.  I'm not sure what it was, probably a combination of things.  I believe in the program, but yet I actually gained weight during the 12 weeks.  How humiliating.  The leader was a great speaker, a bit older than me, and I'm pretty sure she weighed more than me.  She didn't look fit or slim - which I didn't find very inspiring.  The assistant made snarky comments, I hated going to the scale.  She actually said once at a weigh in "my, you've gained a few pounds this week!", loudly enough for others to overhear.  Which pretty much put the kabosh on the 12-week session for me.  And of course I wasn't paying for the program. 

As a seasoned veteran of diets, I understand the principles of weight loss - eat less, exercise more.  After realizing recently that I need to take control of my eating, I decided that I didn't want to chance a second bad experience with Weight Watchers so I decided to go it alone with a reasonable program (South Beach).   I'm finding new accountability in blogging.  After two weeks, my enthusiasm for my plan is still high and I"m quietly optimistic that I'll reach my goal (19 pounds by Dec 31).  Thanks for being out there.

Breakfast - small can salmon (200), 2 tablespoons sour cream (60), 1/2 stalk celery (260)
Lunch - cream of tomato and basil soup with a few fries at Casey's (400?)
Snack Buddy- a few leaves of kale chips and 2 dips of hummus with 2 tortilla chips (200)
Dinner - 1/2 cup refried black beans, salad greens, shredded carrots, salsa (300?)

Wish me luck for tomorrow.

The boys had a bit of icecream for dessert


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