Saturday, October 9, 2010

Biking Around Ann Arbor on a Beautiful Saturday Afternoon

Getting ready for a ride to downtown Ann Arbor on Saturday morning.  It was a bit chilly when we left but soon warmed up to well in the 70's.  Today was also Saturday Morning Physics and the big football game between the University of Michigan and the Michigan State Spartans.
 The best part of the physics lecture is a donut and bagel while sitting in the Dennison Bldg lecture hall.

 Today's lecture was about physics and hearing loss.
 Frosting "skin" - what you have left after first eating the bottom of a donut.

Lecture over - across University of Michigan's campus to the Farmer's Market with a pit stop at a fountain. 
 Michigan State Spartans on the way to the Big House.  The boys were very impressed.
Farmers Market at Kerry Town.

 Dennis Kleiner who makes my favorite pottery.  We chatted for a few minutes.

On to lunch, past a huge line of happy people in front of Zingerman's Deli. 

 Past lines of traffic on Broadway near the train station to North Side Grill
North Side Grill - waiting for a table. 
 Food has arrived - breakfast platter, grilled cheese, ginormous pancakes, french fries, chili, and fresh apple cider.
 Ummmmmm, eggs, bacon, sausage, corned beef hash, and wheat toast.
 Homemade chili and few fries.
 Grilled cheese made with 3 types of cheese.
 Post pancake debauchery nap.
On to Broadway/Plymouth Park for a peek at the river and hunt craw fish.

 On to Bagel Fragel for some day-olds.  Scored 6 bagels for $2

 Home.  We had a wonderful day, beautiful weather, great meal, learned some new things, burned off enough calories for a donut (8 miles), and came home with tomorrow's breakfast.  $32 priceless.


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