Friday, September 10, 2010

Zingerman's Expansion Approved!

The downtown Zingerman's expansion was passed by a vote of 6 to 0 last night by the local historic district.  Whoot!

New building behind original historic buildings.
See article here's-deli-expansion-gets-ok-from-ann-arbor-historic-district-commission/

Before I moved east to Michigan and Ann Arbor, I used to regularly spend the big bucks mail ordering from Zingerman's.  What a wonderful way to bring interesting foods into our house while living far away from civilization (eastern Washington state, 4 hours from Seattle).  I was pretty sure the gods were looking out for me when I came to Ann Arbor for a job interview that included a tour of City and the Zingerman's complex.

Similarly, when we lived in Dallas and I had a job interview in downtown San Francisco, I walked past a sourdough bread bakery and realizing that the interview was  just across the street.  Right then and there I promised the gods that if I got this job, my soul was theirs.  Which proves that I really do work for food!


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