Friday, September 10, 2010

The Closest Parking Spots at My Office

I work at an office building at the corner of Plymouth Road and Traverwood in northeast Ann Arbor.  Car parking is not an issue like it is in other parts of the City - there's ample room and parking is free.

However, the absolute best spots are reserved for the bicyclists - and that would be ME!!! For those of us on bikes - we get a choice of parking options.  Could this be any better or safer?

Bike lockers are available all over town, including my office.  Keys are assigned.
Outside under an awning by the lab entrance.
Vertical indoor parking behind the guard desk at the office building.
I use the indoor vertical parking option.  That's my bike, second from the left with the rear basket and pinkish helmet.  My one gripe about bike parking at the office is that it's surprisngly difficult to heave a regular bike onto a little hook. 

A coworker was kind enough to take these photos for me earlier this week.  Thanks David!

As you can see in the photos, the bike parking locations aren't full.  Over the summer when the weather is warm and schedules aren't as hectic, the bike parking locations are over flowing and it can be a chore to wrestle a bike from the far corner.  The best strategy during the summer is arrive early and park near the door! Let's keep that a secret between me and you.

The offiice complex is known as the National Vehicle and Fuel and Emissions Laboratory which has a Best Workplace for Commuters (BWC) designation.  And I agree, it's a great place for commuters.  For more information about BWC, see here

There is lots of information about biking in Ann Arbor available through the City of Ann Arbor's website and GetDownton, both linked on the side toolbar.

Enjoy the ride and the weather!

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