Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall Weather - Bike Fashion Update

Today Fall started for me.  Getting ready for work this morning I could hear the wind blowing around the house and it didn't feel warm and friendly - and of course it's dark in the mornings these days.  I'm a sissy when it comes to colder weather and I'm prepared because I don't like to be uncomfortable.  Over the weekend I rummaged through our big box of winter gear (sorry for the mess Craig) and dug out black gloves and a fleece head band.

I keep weather gear in my carry-all bag that I haul around with me.  And this morning I quickly slipped on my head-band and gloves.  There's something about wind whistling past my ears, especially when it's cold that I find very disorienting.  This is what I wear for mildly cold weather.  When the real dead of winter comes to Ann Arbor, I switch it up again and look like a Nanook of the North.

Stay warm

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