Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Cutest Little Apple Pies

Mini apple pies from KERF's blog
One of my favorite blogs is Kath Eats Real Food (see side bar for Sites I Visit) at  Her latest entry includes a wonderful treat - small apple pies with whole wheat crust.  Perfect!  I'll be making these babies this weekend. 

I'll use the Vitamix to prepare the whole wheat crust and the boys will scavenge around town for fresh apples.  Maybe Fall is not so bad afterall!  I"ll post my pictures of the pies this weekend.

One of the reasons that I follow this blog is that Kathy's husband Matt is a bread baker and the two of them plus some family members are in the process of opening a Great Harvest Bakery franchise.  I've been following their progress and wishing them all the best.


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