Thursday, September 30, 2010

Confession Time - Day 1

I probably haven't been fooling anybody but over the last year and cullminating this morning, I've gained 18 pounds.  And it has to stop.  I reached a number this morning that I never thought I'd see again - 139!

About this time last year, I weighed around 122 pounds - I looked great and was able to wear really fun clothes.  Now I look lumpy, nothing fits except an old pair of jeans and a few "big" shirts.  Can't lie to myself anymore, it's not a "phase".  The weight slowly crept up a half pound at a time. 

I'm here to tell you that being car-free does not guarantee super fitness or weight loss.  For me, and probably most people, gaining weight comes from eating too much.  And my downfall is dinner prep.

During the better part of the day, I eat well - good quality food, appropriate portions, blah, blah, blah.  Then it's the dinner prep horror.  I've known this about myself for some time and have had a few serious talks with myself but I continue to snack and taste while preparing dinner, eat dinner while sitting down with the family, then lick out pans when cleaning up and nibbling when making school lunches.  I probably eat the equivalent of 3 dinners most nights - ouch.

So I've decided to start a new topic on the blog and come clean - 13 weeks, using South Beach Diet guidelines to loose 20 pounds by December 31, 2010.

To be honest, it's not about health, for me it's about looking better.  Even at 5'6" inches and 139 pounds, my BMI is 22.4, well within the healthy guidelines.  I can run a 5 mile trail race and come in with a respectable pace, bike to work, and get on with my life without aches and pains.  I have no underlying health issues.  Simply put, I LIKE FOOD!

The South Beach Diet basics are here
The South Beach Diet is relatively simple in principle. It replaces "bad carbs" and "bad fats" with "good carbs" and "good fats."  According to Agatston, hunger cycles are triggered not by carbohydrates in general, but by carbohydrate-rich foods that the body digests quickly, creating a spike in blood sugar. Such foods include the heavily refined sugars and grains that make up a large part of the typical Western diet. The South Beach Diet eliminates these carbohydrate sources in favor of relatively unprocessed foods such as vegetables, beans, and whole grains. Carbohydrate sources are considered "good" only if they have a low glycemic index.

The South Beach Diet is divided into three phases, each progressively becoming more liberal. "Phase 1" lasts for the first two weeks of the diet. It eliminates all sugars, processed carbohydrates, fruits, and some higher-glycemic vegetables as well. Its purpose is to eliminate the hunger cycle and is expected to result in significant weight loss. "Phase 2" continues as long as the dieter wishes to lose weight. It re-introduces most fruits and vegetables and some whole grains as well. "Phase 3" is the maintenance phase and lasts for life. There is no specific list of permitted and prohibited foods. Instead, the dieter is expected to understand the basic principles of the diet and live by the principles.

I've chosen the South Beach Diet as it seems to have reasonable principals - quality food without too many restrictions.  I will post from time to time and update my progress on Thursdays for 13 weeks until the New Year.

So here I am...Day 1, jumping off the proverbial cliff. Phase 1

Breakfast - yogurt (150 calories)
Snack - raw vegies (50?)
Lunch - out with friends to Applebee's, tomato basil soup (230) and asian crunch salad (220) no bread
Snack - V-8 juice (35)
Snack Buddy - Maranatha almond butter and celery (200)
Dinner - Breakfast Night - 2 over easy eggs, salad dressing and green salad (150+100+50)

Actual = 1250 so room for a few more calories here and there
I'll post the anticipated calories and actual calories as the day goes on.

If you have any suggestions or advice or recipes, leave a reply in the comment box.


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