Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mexican Night - Feeding My Peeps

Black beans and lamb over lettuce with some tortilla chips
I recently learned from Urban Dictionary that "peep's" is short-hand for "people".  Too cute!  So now I think of my kids as peeps - a cute name for my cute kids.

As it's Wednesday night, we had something vaguely Mexican made with dried black beans.  We also had a pound of lamb hiding in our chest freezer.  I thought I had used it all up, but no.

2 cups dried beans - I used black but any other dried bean or canned will work
1 pound meat - beef, pork, or lamb, or no meat at all!
1 cup salsa

Soak beans for a few hours or overnight.
Cook beans until tender, if not using canned.
I use a pressure cooker with enough fresh water to cover the beans and then a bit more water.
Pressure cook for 40 minutes.
While the beans are cooking, fry the meat in a medium to large sized pan
Add 1 cup of salsa, salt and pepper to taste.
If you are inclined - season with cumin and chili powder
Add canned beans or cooked beans to meat and salsa mixture
Heat and taste.

Cooking ground lamb

black beans just finished in the pressure cooker

Lamb with salsa and black beans

Tomorrow's lunch for the peeps - they prefer the ingredients rolled in a tortilla instead of as a salad

extras - salad dressing, cheese, romaine, sour cream, chips, more salsa

My plate

Condiments of the gods - I put sriracha on pretty much everything!

This is an easy dinner to throw together, especially if the beans are already cooked.  I've been pressure cooking beans for years and don't give it much thought.  I just need to build in 50 minutes to have the cooker come up to pressure, cook, and then release. 


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