Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kids on Bikes in Japan

I found an interesting blog, based out of Kyoto, Japan called Mama Bicycle.  The focus is to show and sell bikes that encourage transportating children on bikes, something we don't see too often in the States.

Here is Shuichi Kobayashi's "about" paragraph
"Hello I am a Japanese. I am a father of lovely daughters. I often use a mom bicycle with attachment for kids, it is made in Japan. I appreciate the bicycle because ・It is fun to talk with kids while we ride. ・It is more(most) economical than other transportations I can talk with my daughters, especially with the one in the basket that is equipped on the front of the bicycle, while ridding on bicycle. This is why I began to think that I want to sell this kind of bicycle to people who can't buy it in their countries. If you are interested in this Japanese bicycle please contact to my e-mail  : "
There are many interesting photos of bike seats and views of Japan.    I like the way he refers to the style of bike as "mom bicycle"! 



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