Friday, November 5, 2010

Evergreen Restaurant

Since 1992, we have consistently served Ann Arbor with delicious, gourmet Chinese cuisine.  Specializing in Mandarin, Sichuan, Hunan, Shanghai and Taiwan styles of cooking, Evergreen promises only the most authentic flavors with the freshest ingredients, and always at a affordable price.
EVERGREEN RESTAURANT                               
Lunch menu

I met a friend for lunch today at Evergreen.  I have an on-again-off-again feeling about this place.  Sometimes it hits the spot and other times it just seems like a bad version of American Chinese food. 
Menu and hot tea

Today I ordered the spicy hunan veggies and tofu, the lunch special No. L44, which comes with white rice, choice of soup, spring roll, and hot tea.  All for the low low price of $6.49.  My friend had the hunan beef, same dish with veggies except substitute beef for tofu.

Today was one of those so-so days.  I'm pretty sure the soup was just tap water with bits of minced green salad floating on top with a grey wonton on the bottom.  As my friend said, "it wasn't even warm!".  The salad was a little bowl of wilted iceberg lettuce.
Spicy hunan tofu
On the plus side, the hunan tofu came with lots of crisp-tender veggies covered in spicy brown sauce.  I haven't mastered "fried tofu" at home so I like to order it at a restaurant to get my fix.  I like the tough-chewy texture and on this cold and blustery day, hot, chewy tofu smothered in spicy sauce was a perfect choice for me.  The hunan beef was deemed delicious too.

Using a little self/portion control, we both left with containers for later.  Neither one of us could stomach the soup, I saved my spring roll and both of us had about half of the rice and entree left over.  I'll probably go again (not any time soon though) since the place is just down the street from where I work but it's not like I'm having a serious hankering, an unrelenting need, for one of their dishes.  There's definitely a trade off between quantity versus quality and this meal fell into the quantity camp.



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