Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fire Wood

Craig, cleaning out the wood pile area
It was bound to happen, although hard to imagine, but we ran out of fire wood.  We had been using old wood that we harvested out of our yard from sick and dying trees but eventually, it all gets used up in the wood stove. 

We've been using our wood stove during the cold months since last year and Craig estimates we save $200/month by using our wood burning stove full-time, with supplemental central gas heating.  Our house wasn't optimally designed for a wood burning stove so some of the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms get a little chilly without the extra heat. 

My chair at the dinner table is the closest to the stove and warmest! 

My seat is at the far end of the table, nearest the wood stove!
The general consensus from our neighbors was to call Urban Foresters, a local arborist, for wood delivery. 

According to their web site:
Urban Foresters was founded by Ann Arbor native Brad Burton in 1981. While a student at U of M's Forestry School, Brad saw the need for a professional and knowledgeable tree care company in the area.
The order was place early Friday morning for 2 face cords of fire wood.  The delivery time was set for late Friday afternoon or Monday.  Since fire wood did not arrive on Friday, we're hoping for Monday.

A full cord is 4X4X8. But it seems that fire wood is sold by the face cord, which is as wide as a split log (16-20 inches) stacked 4 feet tall and 8 feet long, or about 160 pieces of wood.  So a full chord is a bit more than twice a face cord.  We were quoted $115 for a face cord delivered and dumped on the driveway. 

Craig estimated that a face cord lasts a winter, or about 6 months.  So we are saving a fair amount of money using the wood stove over central gas heating.

Contact Info
Urban Foresters
4832 Miller Road
Ann Arbor, MI  48103
Phone: (734) 662-1684
Fax: (734) 662-8095

More photos of the fire wood delivery here.


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