Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to Prepare a Pomegranate

Craig brought a pomegranate home yesterday.  I had to search on the internet for a better way to man-handle one of these, without making a huge mess.

Through E-how.com, I learned the following about preparing the fruit to eat.

Slice off the crown

Make a few surficial slices into the peel
Submerge fruit in water
After soaking 10 minutes, slowly start breaking apart the fruit
As you break apart the fruit and remove the outer skin, the pith will float to the top and seeds sink to the bottom

Skim off pith with a slotted spoon
Once the large pieces of skin and pith are removed, strain fruit through a wire-meshed strainer.

This is a labor of love...to prepare the fruit for our meal using this method still took me 30 minutes, off and on. 

On the bright side, there wasn't much berry juice mess everywhere!.  It's good (in my book) to occasionally introduce new foods to the kids but this took a long time so I wouldn't do it too often.

Ready for dinner!


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