Friday, September 3, 2010

Family Lunch Out

We packed up the boys and bikes and went on an adventure today.
Craig, Kris, and Jake preparing for family bike trip.
First we biked to the Amtrak train station on Plymouth/Broadway to see how long it takes to bike there (in anticipation of our upcoming Chicago trip).  Taking a safe route took us 22 minutes.  When we arrived at the Station, the noon train had just arrived. 

Our daughter had to work a shift at Busch's today so she wasn't able to join us.

We enjoyed a pizza lunch at the original Cottage Inn on William Street.  What is with all the car traffic?
Bike parking near Cottage Inn on William Street
Kris preparing a Fairy House
We then toured Central UofM campus at a leisurely pace and found our way to the Arboretum where the boys improved on Fairy and Troll houses.
Jake at the Fairy Wood and Troll Hollow, UofM Arboretum
We left the house about noon and returned home around 4:00.  We verified some train information, had a great lunch and an enjoyable afternoon - priceless.


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