Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Taco Bike is a 41 year old artist and engineer
Here are 2 excerpts from a recent Serious Eats entry about Todd Barricklow's Taco Bike in San Francisco.
How did you start building bikes? I went to Japan in 2001 and was really impressed by their bike culture and street food scene. We ate food from what appeared to be meter maid vehicles with fire pits on the back. One of our favorites came from this little cart that served steamed yams wrapped in newspaper with no condiments—it was that simple, and it was delicious. In 2008, my wife and I went to Paris and Amsterdam and in between eating crêpes from sidewalk pushcarts at 2 a.m., I became really obsessed with these cargo bikes, which are three-wheel bikes built for carrying cargo, that are everywhere. I have about 30 pictures of my family from that trip, and more like 500 of these bikes. When I came home, I started building by cutting up different bikes and welding pieces together. I built crazy bikes, one of which has two eight-foot wheels. I take my kids to the grocery store in it and ride it to the pub. Around town I became known as the guy who makes bikes.

When did the taco bike come to be?Weird Fish, told me he's had a three-wheel bike chained to a post in front of his restaurant for two and a half years. One day he approached me with the idea of putting a griddle on it so he could ride around and make and sell tacos. We worked on the logistics for a while; he told me what he really wanted, and I told him what was actually possible. We also had to take the health department's requirements into account.

I wished I worked closer to a downtown environment and could sample street food.  How about you, what's the weirdest or most innovative street food that you've seen or eaten?


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