Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chicago Part 5 of 8 - Embassy Suites

Embassy Suites on State Street

We stayed at the Embassy Suites at 600 N. State.  The photo above is a bit dated, there are now tall buildings along side, as you will see in pictures below. 

As we were strolling around Chicago after our train ride, enjoying the sites and sounds of Chicago, we stumbled across a beautiful Embassy Suites and high-fived each other.  Naturally, this is not the one we had  a reservation for. A brief moment of embarrassment, then regrouped, asked for directions, and off we went again on our merry way.  We were a few blocks off course.  Not that we actually aimed for this hotel, we saw the building name and thought it was good karma!

The wrong Embassy Suites on Illinois Ave
The atrium at the correct hotel was very nice and the boys learned a new word "atrium".

Atrium with breakfast area in foreground

Here are pictures of half the suite, one from me and one from the web....reminds me of the movie Chevy Chase's European Vacation where Beverly D'Angelo is pointing out that their hotel room in London doesn't look like the brochure at all and Chevy Chase is saying, "well, it's just the camera angle.....".  The photo directly below makes the room look large and spacious.  The actual room was nice and the couch folded out.  But notice the chair in the foreground....see how it's stretched a bit long - yeah, that explains the photo editing...in reality, we were tripping over each other and hitting our knees on the coffee table. Where does the coffee table go when the bed is folded out?

Advertised Suite photo
Here's my shots of the room.
Imagine how small the room is when the couch is folded out into a "double" bed!
A "street" view from the room....

An extreme angle from the bedroom window
A view from our "front" room onto the hallway that leads to the Atrium

The room was all that was advertised - 2 double bed suite with fold out couch, minimal cable, small fridge, microwave, near the heart of Michigan Ave shopping, for the low low discounted price of $250 per night.  Since I don't get out much or travel, I had sort of thought we were getting a room in a palace for $500.  But we did get a nice breakfast buffet for 2 days, which made it all worth while.

Cereal, milk, and waffle bar
Managerial assistance with the waffle iron - as if I didn't know how!
Four mini waffles - perfect

Mini waffles with strawberry syrup and powdered sugar

Scrambled eggs, pancakes, french toast, sausage, and bacon
Custom eggs and omelets

We even saw a wedding party down in the lobby - beautiful.

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