Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2 girls, an IPod and a credit card

Kat and her new Converse Sneakers - true love
This blog post comes to you from Starbucks in Arborland!

Kat and I took the bus to Arborland for a little post holiday shopping, which included a trip to Starbucks. Kat picked out a great pair of Converse suede booties at DSW.  We walked out of Old Navy with a huge bag of  bargains and we found a couple of cute dishes at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

There are days when I wished we had a car - having a car at the ready, at a whims notice to go somewhere...and then there's an afternoon like today when the sun was shining, we caught a bus near our house that takes us right to a local shopping center, we found some great bargains, had a Vente latte and arrived back at the bus stop right on time for a return trip.  No fuss and no worries.

A great afternoon with my daughter.


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