Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday - last of the left overs

My bowl - salad, left over pasta with salsa, chips, Brazil nuts and cocoa almonds

We're nearly done with left-overs in the fridge.  I'm having another beloved salad bowl with the last bit of last week's pasta sauce and Craig and kids are having left-over "turkey on toast".

Desert always comes first in my book - Dutch spritz cookies with chocolate
Nobo Sprits
left over romaine, baby spinach and shredded broccoli stem
Added a bit of red bell pepper
added tortilla chips
added 2 Brazil nuts

dates with a cocoa-roasted almonds stuffed inside
left over pasta sauce
fully assembled - salad, chips, sauce, dates, Brazil nuts
turkey on toast with salad
Just a minute ago, my neighbor with a cute little dog, stopped by to fetch my "giblet" stuff - neck bone, kidney, liver etc.  It sure feels good to be done with all the left-overs.  In the manner of Monty Python, and now for the rest of the show.....


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