Monday, November 29, 2010

Dutch Treats

As some of you may know, I"m first generation Dutch-American.  I moved to America in 1974 when I was 11 years old, after 5 years in Canada via The Netherlands.  Because I'm the original Carb Queen, I love desserts, especially those with almond paste, which the Dutch excel at.

My mother was kind enough to send a box of Dutch treats our way, which arrived today - all my favorites!  Thanks Mom.  She orders them from a company located in Wyoming, Michigan, near Grand Rapids, not far from where we live.  Their name is Vander Veen and their webstore is here

For dessert tonight, we enjoyed boterkoek or butter tart with almond paste.

I thought it would be fitting to serve this on one my of my inexpensive Chinese dishes which sort of looks like Delft Blue, if you don't look too close.  This was wonderful, we had no left-overs.


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