Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ann Arbor Transit - Bus Facts and Figures

Sometimes, the mind goes to interesting places. 

I live in Ann Arbor and while I"m out and about, I see transit buses stopping for people, dropping them off, moving about the city.  Last night, I was wondering how many buses does AATA actually have?  Anybody want to guess?

According to the AATA website, The Ride has 27 hybrid electric buses and 51 conventional diesel buses.  I'm not sure I could have guessed that - either bigger or smaller. 

In 2008, the 78 buses travelled almost 2.5 million miles around our fair city.

And here's another interesting fact - guess how many bicycles the buses carried in 2008?  27,095

That averages out to 74 bikes on buses per day!

For all the facts and figures, see pdf here http://www.aata.org/pdf/AATA%20facts%20and%20figures%202009%20for%20web.pdf


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