Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Maintenance on the Wood Stove

Fall and winter is on it's way to Michigan.  Craig and Jake did a little maintenance on the wood-burning stove today.  The pipe needed to be removed and cleaned out to remove the creosote (soot).  We had the stove operating from February through May this year (4 months) until summer came.  The pictures show the soot that accumulated in 4 month that needed to be cleaned out. 

The wood-burning stove is in our family room-kitchen dinning area.  Last year, we replace an old wood-burning fire place with a wood stove.  A wood-stove is much more efficient than a fire place.  This was a major undertaking to replace a brick fire place with a wood-burning wood stove but it was totally worth it.

We estimate the cost of the wood stove, all the piping, ceramic floor tile and tools to be about $3000.  Craig did all the labor himself. We had to remove all the exterior brick chimney, remove the cinder block and all the construction debris in the garage, replace endless sheets of sheet rock, paint the new interior walls, remove old wood floors, lay new laminated floors, ceramic tiles blah blah blah....this only took 2 years.  and ta dah!!!!! a fantastic energy efficient, beautiful, cozy wood stove.


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