Friday, October 1, 2010

Lunch on University of Michigan's Central Campus

North Campus near the music building
I had the day off from work so we enjoyed the beautiful weather with a bike ride and lunch.

China Gate at 1201 South University.  If you want run of the mill Chinese-American food in a hurry with tacky atmosphere, this is your place.

I ordered #15 Family Style Tofu, lunch size with white rice (not a good day for South Beach!) spicy with hot tea.  Craig ordered Mo Go Gi Pan lunch special with fried rice, egg drop soup, an added egg roll and a side order of Fried Wontons.  With tip, the total came to $22.  Then some coffee and Ginger Dragon at Expresso Royale.  A sparkling day.

Fried Wontons
Extra Egg Roll
Hot Tea
Mo Go Gi Pan
Tofu and Pork

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