Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 6 - SBD

A breakfast I won't be eating!
I always enjoy the articles entitled What Not to Eat.  Today's was What Not to Eat for Breakfast and the worst food was this

Cheesecake Factory French Toast Napoleon#1: The Worst Breakfast in AmericaCheesecake Factory French Toast Napoleon
2,460 calories
61 g saturated fat
1,769 mg sodium
246 g carbohydrates

The Cheesecake Factory never fails to amaze us. This outrageous restaurant consistently earns the title of “Worst” on nearly every list we create. Their French Toast Napoleon is no exception—it contains well over a day’s worth of calories (that’s about the equivalent of 19 bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, to give you some idea). It also has 61 grams of saturated fat (three times your daily limit).

Eat This, Not That

Romaine lettuce, left over split pea soup, and baked kale leaves
Today's feast:
Breakfast - plain yogurt (80)
Early Lunch - left over black bean and ham soup (300?)
Late Lunch Snack - nonfat milk latte (150)
Snack Buddy for dinner prep - celery and almond butter (250)
Dinner - Tuesday means Italian night, which to me means pasta, but that doesn't mesh well with Phase one South Beach diet, so I had left over split pea soup(300), romaine lettuce, and baked kale chips(200), Yumo!

This was about 1300 calories.  While I haven't blogged much about what I drink, it's usually water, green tea, and plain black coffee.  I don't usually "drink my calories". 

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