Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 17 - Another Day

Another beautiful Saturday in Ann Arbor.  Yahoo said the low was 30F this morning but it sure didn't feel that cold as we biked the 3.5 miles to Central Campus for another Saturday Morning Physics lecture.  A Jesuit brother talked the Vatican and their Planetary Science research.  The lecture was surprisingly entertaining.

Breakfast - 2 soft boiled eggs
Snack - Snitched a bite of donut and bagel at Saturday Morning Physics

After the lecture, we rode home at a leisurely pace, stopping at a pond near the UofM music school where the boys poked at crawfish.

Lunch - 2 large romaine leaves with 1/2 of a small can salmon, a smear of hummus, and a few carrot sticks
Dinner - I'm roasting a Whole Foods "happy chicken" that I'll serve with oven baked french fries, gravy, kale chips, dinner rolls, peas, and apple cake.  I will have some skinless chicken breast, kale chips and a hint of gravy with fries, and a bite of apple cake.

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood.


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