Tuesday, September 14, 2010

University of Michigan Dental School

One of the perks of living in/near Ann Arbor is the University of Michigan Dental School http://www.dent.umich.edu/patientservices

My dental insurance doesn't go very far.  However, the Dental School provides amazing care that is considerablly less expensive than a practicing dentist.  As the saying goes around the office, the dental school is perfect for people with more time than money. 

The school only schedules patients for one of two times a day - 9:00 am and 2:00 pm.  That gives the student 3 hours to complete the task.  I think what makes this such a great deal (besides the reduced cost) is that the student is trying really hard to do a perfect job to make a good grade and the overseeing dental professors are looking for reasons to downgrade a student.  There's no rushing a patient out of these chairs, it's not about quickly turning over a teeth cleaning gig.  Each patient is thoroughly evaluated, teeth lovingly cleaned by the dental student, and then whatever else needs to be done that day or scheduled for another visit.  Each step of the treatment phase is reviewed by the dental professor.  Sometimes, the pressure is on and a particular procedure is chosen by the dental professor to be the "final exam"! 

With the Dental School located in Central Campus, getting there and parking is a bit of a problem.  So we ride our bikes there.  We used to park near the elevator shaft by the parking lot but later learned from one of the dental professors, who is also an avid biker, that parking is better at the front of the school where there is an overhang and bike racks.  The professor noticed my Orlieb bag and helmet and asked about my bike - we had a good bonding conversation.


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