Friday, September 3, 2010

Propane Run

Sometimes, you just need a propane refill and a Slushie. 

The bike, known as Herfy, needed a bit of fine-tuning adjustments.  After that, the large rear basket was loaded up and off went my boys to swap out an old empty propane tank and a slushie refill on a Speedway 64-ounce mug.

We lovingly call this three wheeled bike Herfy from a past experience when we lived in the eastern part of Washington State.  A really nice coworker, with a wife and 5 children, was mentioning that his wife never really lost the weight after having 5 children and said she was a bit "herfy", as in a bit large, like a cow. 

This word stuck with me and it seemed an appropriate name for the 3-wheeled bike, as it's a bit bigger than a normal 2-wheeled bike, hence Herfy.


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