Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One Month Reflection - Car Free in Ann Arbor

Hard to believe a month has gone by since we sold our cars for scrap.  We started on this journey on August 28th and this morning I realized that today's date is September 28.  No regrets so far.  I like Zipcars more than I like our old cars.  For Craig and I, there has not been a negative impact - we still get out and about Ann Arbor, we still eat well, and continue to get our exercise. 

A number of really kind friends have offered us the use of their cars if we get in a bind or have an emergency - and we totally appreciate the offer, it's incredibly generous. 

We never intended our car-free decision to be based on the idea that we'll just borrow a friend's car if we needed something from the store...our goal is to muddle our way through, use what's available and plan ahead. 

Sometimes, as we're riding around town, I think about the movie, Sound of Music, where Julie Andrews has the kids riding bikes and climbing trees.  Good thing we don't all wear clothes made out of old drapes!


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