Monday, December 27, 2010

Mexican Lamb tortillas

Shredded lamb shoulder for a Mexican feast

To use up almost 5 pounds of shoulder roast and to feed my spicy-need, I pressure cooked a lamb shoulder and turned the meat into a Mexican feast for lunch today.

When I purchased my Swiss Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker, the box came with this recipe book.  I prefer my cookbooks to have a picture for every recipe but since this one came included, I went with the flow.  Lorna has lots of good recipes in this book and I use it often as a guide, much like today.  She didn't have a recipe for a 5 pound bone in shoulder but I figured it could be cooked much like a 5 pound pork shoulder, which I've done a time or two (or 10!).  Today I generally followed the recipe for shredded Meat Tacos on page 147. 

This cook book even includes a recipe for cheesecake - I know, totally cool!.  It took me a while to find a 7-inch spring form pan to fit in the bottom of the pressure cooker.  But it totally works.

4-5 pounds shoulder roast, bone-in, either lamb, beef, or pork
2 cups water
salt, pepper
Clean and trim roast, removing some of the thicker chunks of fat

Add 2 cups of water to the pressure cook, add meat and a generous few twists of the pepper mill
I live at about Elevation 800 feet, it takes a good 1.5 hours at full pressure to cook a chunk of meat to tenderness.  After cooking for 1.5 hours, remove pan from heat and allow to reduce pressure naturally.
Lamb shoulder after 1.5 hours of high pressure cooking

Strain meat, shred, and mix with a bit of salt, pepper, salsa, and lime juice.  Taste and season.

Stuff left over after straining and shredding for lunch - to be worked over after the meal

Lamb after shredding and mixing with salsa, lime, salt and pepper

Serve with tortilla fixings

Salad, salsa, rice and beans, orange wedges, olives, limes, sour cream, tortillas, shredded cheese

My plate
This was crazy good - spicy, chewy, you know the drill.....


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