Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our First Zipcar Experience

Today we used our first Zipcar, and it all went according to plan. 

Were able to reserve a car for the time we needed.  The car was ready and waiting, the door unlocked using the RFID card, and there was plenty of gas. 

Our philosophy is slowly becoming "why own when you can rent".  We used to seriously believe in BUY so you can have it all to yourself - buy and spend like you mean it - house, cars, toys.  We've now come to slowly realize that renting something only when you need it makes more sense for us now.  It's sort of like an airplane ticket - not many people own a jet and not too many people are embarrased to fly standard coach class when needing to jet across the country.  Why does the distinction of an airplane make a difference for a car?

Why buy a plane when you can buy a plane ticket?
Why buy a book or movie when you can borrow it from the library?
Why buy a car when you can reserve a Zipcar when you need some wheels?

Our first experience was soo noneventful, it was just what we needed and hoped for.  We now have Zipcar reservations for various outings through the Christmas holidays - going out for a lecture,  picking up folks from the airport etc. 

I'm a bit loathe to admit it but we also rented a Zipcar to dash out to the Pinckney Recreation Area so that I could run in a trail race.  I love the energy and enthusiasm of running events.  Signing up for a race every 3 to 4 months keeps me somewhat motivated to get some exercise a few times a week.

I ran the Martian Marathon in Dearborn Michigan last May and promptly signed up for the Run Woodstock race in late September.  In the meantime, we sold our cars!  While it seems a bit odd to rent a Zipcar to drive to a running race - it keeps me on the straight and narrow, exercise wise. 

The race this weekend was a lot of fun - I really enjoy the events and Running Fit puts on great show. 

Saturday's race was in the Pinckney Recreation Areas at Hell Creek Ranch.  I should have read the fine print and realized that we were TRAIL running, not pavement running - OMG!  Trail running is soo much harder than road running. I had NO idea!   Not only do you have to keep yourself moving forward in a race, but when trail running, you have to not trip on a stump, tree root, rock, creek, marshy bog, sand pit, whatever. 

I'm in the middle, bib number 273
The whole 5 miles I was reminding myself that at least I didn't sign up for the 1/2 marathon like I had toyed with - phew, that was a close one.  "just keep running, don't be falling, just keep running, don't be falling...."

I love the feeling when the end of the race is in sight.  This Woodstock run was in a wooded area along horse trails except for the start/finish which was in a smallish open campground area.  For the better part of the race, I trailed behind 2 women who were friends and both wore Vibram Five Finger running socks.  As we popped out of the woods, I passed one of the women which encouraged the second one and we laughed through the finish line.

Dash to the Finish Line - I'm in black wearing a hat
Now for the completion medals and snacks!  As it turns out, I placed 4th in my age group and 75th out of 143 for the 5 mile race.  Not too shaby for a middle age beauracrat.


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