Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 16 - Wishing for a Do-Over!

I woke up full of enthusiasm and then made some poor choices!  I had choices but didn't make the smarter ones.  With the amount of food eaten out today, I didn't bother with calorie/carb counts today.  For sure a better day tomorrow.

Breakfast - 2 soft boiled eggs

And then the bad choices started stacking up.

We rode a few miles around town and ended up at Great Plains Burgers.  There menu consists mostly of burgers, the very best french fries, and shakes.

Simple, Honest, Authentic, Made-to-Order Burgers, Fresh Cut Fries & Thick Creamy Milk Shakes. At Great Plains Burger our menu is simple and our ingredients are fresh. We use only fresh ground, all natural beef, bakery fresh buns, fresh cut fries cooked in cholesterol free Canola oil, and milk shakes made from all natural ice cream from the local dairy.
I ordered a burger with Thousand Island dressing, lettuce, tomato and grilled onions.  Now why the grilled onion and Thousand, I don't know....I did cut the burger in half right away and gave it to Craig.  Craig also had a burger, we split a basket of fries and I had water to drink.  The food was wonderful and came to about $17 for the 2 of us.

Craig's burger
French fries made from Idaho potatoes on the premises - these are fantastic!
My burger - yumo!
I promised myself that, OK this wasn't the best choice, but I could redeem myself with dinner...but no...

Friday night is pizza night, which I usually make from scratch along with a salad.  The afternoon filled up with errands so I picked up Dominos pizzas, thinking that I'll still make a salad and just have greens - no pizza.  But no....

Dinner - small slice of medium hand tossed bacon pizza

So I'm setting my sights on tomorrow. 


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